A space to communicate with confidence.
Translations handled with care and experience.
Susan Hursey

A space to communicate with confidence

A space to develop your communication skills in English for executives, professionals, tourists and lovers of English. Tailor made English classes face to face or online.

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Negotiating your way through meetings, presentations, dealing with delicate situations and generally coming across with empathy and confidence are important aspects of international business. We don't aim to teach you to be perfect at English, but we do aim to help you to get your point across in the most perfect way possible and to listen effectively, either in person or by telephone. Group classes are a great way to practise in social situations and individual classes give a personalised and face to face experience of dealing with a whole range of situations with clarity and confidence.

English for Life

Sessions designed for people just starting out, or those wanting to develop or perfect their English. Classes are designed to suit your personal needs and interests and go beyond the standard grammar based classes, allowing you to explore your capabilities to their maximum potential. We provide both group and individual classes depending on your availability and preferences. Whether your aim is exam based perfection or simply the ability to communicate, we can design our class to meet your personal challenge.

I highly recommend her

Susan has had a deep impact on my journey to improve my professional English goals. Over more than a year, I have felt so much confidence as a result of our weekly very business goal oriented sessions. Her tecniques are beyond the standard role of the English teacher, guiding me to identify the issues I need to control, to gain confidence and to start enjoying English again, all this thanks to her special and focused ability to practice communication on work situations, besides adapting these to my business specific interests or demands.
I am grateful for her support and positive outlook towards my personal commitment and learning. I highly recommend her, whatever the stage you are now, if you seek to develop your English communication skills.

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