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Cookies are only valid for the website or application used by a user who installs it in his browser or on his device during the tour through the pages or through the application, and provides information about the visit to emmagatzemar. Like most of the files on the Internet, the web portals have to:

Make sure that the web pages can work correctly.
Emmagatzemar les prefències, with the selected language or the grandària de lletra.
Conèixer l’experiència de navegació.
Collect anonymous statistical information, including the pages that have been visited or the time that the connection has lasted.

The Cookies are able to optimize browsing, adapting the information and serving offers to the interests of the user, to provide a better experience every time they visit the page. Cookies are only associated with an anonymous user and the computer / device and do not provide references that allow personal data to be connected. At full moment, the user will be able to access the configuration of the browser to modify and / or block the installation of the Cookies sent to the website of The users who complete the registration process or have started the session Both parties can access services personalitzats and adaptats to the selected preferences according to the personal information provided at the time of registration and the emmagatzeda in the Cookie of your browser.

Google Analytics emmagatzema cookies to be able to compile statistics on the traffic and volume of visits to the Web. In using this website, you consent to the information agreement on you by Google. Per tant, l’exercici de qualsevol dret in that sentit haurà de fer-ho communicated directly with Google. The cookies of Google Analytics, s’emmagatzemen in servers located at State Units and is committed not to share the same with third parties, except in the cases in which it follows necessary for the functioning of the system or when it is forced to do so. According to Google, it does not save the IP address.

Google Inc. is a company adhered to “Privacy Shield” (private escutcheon) that guarantees that all the transferred data will be tracted with a level of protection in accordance with European regulations. You can consult detailed information referring to això through the following link: cs / answer / 6004245

If you do not choose to use the Google Analytics Complement for navigators through the instructions of the quals you can set the analytical cookies that will serve in all the navigators. You can consult more information about that topic at the following link:

From a technical point of view, they allow the website to function in a more agile way and adapted to the preferences of the users, such as emmagatzemar the language, the currency of the country or detect the device of access. Establish levels of protection and security that prevent or hinder cyber attacks against the Internet or serious users. They allow the managers of the mitjans to achieve the statistical data collected in the Cookies to improve the quality and experience of the services. They serve to optimize the advertising that is shown to the users, offering the one that most adjusts to their interests.



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