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Learn online

How does online learning work?

Via Skype or telephone. Skype classes can last from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Student and teacher are in direct visual contact and all material is provided electronically with no need to buy materials. Telephone classes are for 30 minutes per class and help those who work in English by phone on a regular basis. Again, there is no need for materials. Everything is provided electronically and all classes are designed to fit the individual's needs.

Who can do online learning?

Anyone can do Skype classes whatever your level as direct visual contact with the teacher means that understanding is easy. Telephone classes are not normally recommended for lower than intermediate students as there is no visual contact.

Advantages of online classes

Classes are private and can be held anywhere. Studies have shown that when students do not have to move to the teacher, but can take their classes wherever they need to, attendance is higher and learning is much faster as contact with the teacher is more direct and private, providing more privacy and greater opportunity for speaking.

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Just what I need

I am an HR director but I have two children so it's difficult for me to go to classes. By skype I can manage to enjoy my classes. The headphones mean I am not distracted by noise but I am close to my family if they need me. As I am more relaxed I feel I have learnt a lot more.

Human Resources Director, Bilbao
It's good fun

I study at university and need English for my degree. Doing classes by skype means I have all the teacher's attention and I don't have to move from the university or my house

Engineering student, Barcelona
A great way to learn when you are in business

I travel a lot and have never missed a class. Space for English has given me the confidence to prepare myself for my international meetings and presentations. I get lots of speaking practice and the material is relevant to my kind of work. I am happy to recommend these classes to all international business people.

International Lawyer, Madrid